How to reserve 2 rooms using room reservation

I completed the room reservation form for a room I have booked. I tried to do another one for our second room so I could request the one next to my first room. (we have a boys room and girls room due to traveling with DDs boyfriend). I couldn’t get the room reservation tool to allow me to enter a second room. Am I doing something wrong, or is the function limited to one per login name? I did put in the notes the confirmation number and travel with number for the second room and explained that I was hoping to get a connecting room or at least 2 rooms next to each other.

I made reservations for 2 rooms in October. I booked them over the phone with Disney. One room was in my name, the other had to be in another name, so the 2nd room was in my daughter’s name. It was fine that both rooms were guaranteed on my credit card.

Thanks. The other room is in my DDs name so I will try that.

Set up a second trip on your dashboard for the second room, and you can do a request there.

This worked well for my 2 reservations. Very easy to set up the 26 room requests.

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