How to request room but not affect the arrangements on our booking?

We were recently moved to the Boardwalk inn and Disney have guaranteed us a day bed (our son has autism you see ) , so it’s on the booking.
So if I wanted to do A. Disney online check in, what should i choose? Or B a touring plans fax -what should I write?
Thanks for your wisdom folks!

We were a family of 5 at Boardwalk so of course needed the daybed. I wasn’t sure if all rooms had them or not, so I didn’t want to mess anything up by requesting a specific room. I did MDE online request for a high floor and away from elevator and that worked fine for us.

I would avoid the online check-in options.

That is not working properly and will over-write whatever has been added to your reservation, whether by CRO or DVC. So in case that daybed guarantee is in that space, don’t risk messing with it.

You can still check-in online, just don’t select any of the options (if there are any, there often aren’t).

Unless it’s really important, maybe just don’t make any requests. Or make it very general and phone it in through CRO.

That is interesting, and it would explain something that happened to me recently. Can you elaborate, and do you know how long this has been an issue?

At least a year.

They did some “magical enhancement”, and suddenly nonsense options started to appear. Like “savannah view” for SSR, that kind of thing.

Next thing was there were no options at all, or a limited selection.

Next thing was when some DVC members phoned or emailed Member Services with a room request. But did online check-in too and when they checked with MS, their original requests had been over-written by the online option. Member Services then advised not to use those options because it was over-writing the free form field. At the time we thought it was just those two systems were incompatible, but then similar reports started from non-DVC resorts and CRO requests etc.

And so it continues. I really, really do not recommend using those options.

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Thank you. Our reservation was made directly with Walt Disney Travel co uk , and it was them who offered us the move to Boardwalk Inn, not the Villas. What are guest’s experiences with online check in requests for the Inn?

I’m not a DVC member, but my issue was with a DVC resort. I upgraded from a Studio to a 1BR through MDE. I had already completed online check-in, but I had also called in an put a room number request for a specific studio on my reservation. When I changed to a 1BR I called to remove the room number request, and it was not there. The CM couldn’t explain why, and I was exceptionally annoyed because I thought I had that covered. I suppose it’s hard to pin down at what point that information could have been wiped, but the evidence fits your example. My reservation number never changed. I would expect the notes to remain regardless of subsequent changes to the reservation details.

Thanks for the info. Given Disney’s IT track record over the last few years I’m sad to say it’s not surprising. I was double-checking my FP+ reservations on the MDE app the other day and my FOP fastpass was gone. I nearly burst a blood vessel. When I was able to get to a PC and check the website it was there. For some reason it wasn’t showing up on the app (I’d made that reservation roughly 40 days earlier). I can’t imagine how much phone traffic that kind of crap must be generating.