How to remove one person from resort/tickets reservation?

A friend asked me this - she has a package for AofA family suite and park tickets for her/husband/2kids and her mom. Mom now may not end up being able to go. They don’t want to make any resort changes, they’re in a Cars Family Suite and are fine staying there and realize the resort price doesn’t change because it already accommodated 5 people etc…but a portion of the package price includes her mom’s park ticket cost…
They are 50 days out and final payment has already been made. Does she just call to have her mom “removed” and then get refunded for the portion of cost that was her ticket?

I believe that calling is the only way to do this. I hope it works out!

I had a friend that removed his mother in law and he just called. It was very easy.

OK great, I would assume Disney would just refund whatever is already paid for that person’s tickets…

My friend received it as a credit.

Be sure to let him know that he may have to schedule several hours out of his day in order to get in touch with anyone at Disney by phone. That’s the hard part.

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