How to put in request for 2 bedroom lockoff

We’re staying at AKL in a 2 bedroom lockoff in November. I’ve picked out the area we’d like to stay and I’ve found a 1 bedroom room that says it’s part of a 2 bedroom lockoff, so do I put in the request for that room and they’ll know it’s actually a 2 bedroom reservation??

They know from the reservation itself that it is for a 2BR, so they would not allocate you just the 1BR part of a lock-off. For the request itself I would use the 1BR room number, but you should probably check with a CM to be sure. Is this a DVC reservation or a WDW reservation?

@brklinck it is a DVC reservation, our first time staying on points so this is all new to me.

Call Member Services and they should be able to sort everything out with your room request.