How to print plans

I laboriously made seven days of personalized custom touring plans on the app but can’t find a way to print anything. On the app’s suggested plans, there’s a great big view and print button but in the custom plan option, I can’t find a way, not even a little arrow at the top to send to the printer. I worked on this for hours! Please help. I’m working on an iPhone but then tried my very capable iPad that’s almost like a laptop.

Thank you. I’m aggravated!

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On your trusty iPad, go to your plan, scroll down and under optimize and evaluate there is a choice to view and print. Click it and your print box should come up.

I don’t think you can do it on the app, it has to be the website.

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That’s what I thought too.

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One word about printed plans. Not sure how you are planning to use then, but I used printed ones on an early trip and barely looked at the app. Just a word of caution that if you rely on the printed plan (as I did) and don’t re-evaluate or re-optimize while in the park, things are more likely to get off track. If you use the app while in the park, then you have the opportunity to update and make sure you are working with the most updated data. So if there is a big change in crowd level, a ride goes down, etc. that will be taken into account.,

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Wow, thank you! I’ll try anything to make this work!