How to plan touring with AK River's of Light , please comment!

Background: We have never made it a whole day at AK normally the littlest of the group would like to leave by 3. We will be 4 adults and a 7 yo. We also are not a break in the day type of people. Although two of us have done it in the past. I am a RDer and force it on everyone in my party :blush: Jan 14 we enjoyed Tusker House for a nice break/ lunch. This year we are going in June without hoppers.

So I was thinking of making an early dinner reservation at Boma. Taking off early for the reservation, taking a walk around the hotel and checking out the animals from over there, before anyone whines. Two of our group have been there once, the other 3 have not. Then after dinner going back for a some night time activities. What do you all think?

You will still do rope drop? What. Would your plans be for AK? What will be your FPs? Do you like to walk the trails? Will you want to ride EE five times?

Oh boy, The big rides once or twice. He is not ride crazy but I keep telling him to try everything once! I will still be at rope drop. Probably fast pass for the the safari, EE and whirl (7 yo old was too short before). We walked some trails last time but this seems to be the part that lost his interest until we found Pocahontas.
I was thinking doing rides early, leave around 2- dinner at 4:30 and then back. For basically the show and trails, night safari.

Have you considered arriving late, use your FPs, go to AKL and then return?

Haven’t really thought about a late arrival. I’m sure the rest of the party would appreciate that.

If you are doing some of the shows you can do those between your fast passes or maybe save your EE for your return at night?