How to plan my HS day?

Hi everyone,

We will be traveling to WDW end august with DH and DD8. We will NOT rope drop HS but we have Genie+ and I I’ll buy GoTG. I read several times that stacking for the late afternoon/evening works well in HS, however, I will be there during low crowds day and G+ might not work the same by then.

We also want to book Droids, Savi’s and Sci-fi dinner for lunch.

We will have another day in DHS to re-rides favorites and attend shows (Indiana Jones, Beauty and the beast).

My question is more when should I book Savi’s and Droid depot (if I have any choice)? 10/11am so we can have a break after Lunch in the resort and go back around 4/5pm?

I guess the best strategy because of the heat would be to stack and arrive at lunchtime, do Savi’s and Droids early afternoon and then ride our LLs. But I don’t want to have to ride while carrying both the Droids and Sabers :frowning:

What would you do?!?
Thank you in advance

You will still be able to stack quite nicely, even with a low crowd level. Here is a return time heat map based on low crowds that gives you a good idea of what to expect. It is a few months old, so keep in mind:

  1. MMRR is added to G+. Expect these return times to be very similar to MFSR.
  2. TOT is now priority #2 because of the refurb and running at only 50% capacity.

I’m not sure if DD8 can handle all the below attractions, but here is an example of stacking and approximate times:

  • 8:00am booking of SDD for 5:30
  • 11:00am booking of TOT for 6:30
  • 1:00pm booking of MFSR for 7:00
  • 3:00pm booking of RNRC for 6:30
  • 5:00pm booking of MMRR for 8:00
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Thanks a lot!
DD8 is a big fan of thrill rides (we go every year to Europa-Park and she likes all the rides there now that she is allowed on all of them).

With this stacking, I’d book Savi’s and Droid for the morning and have a long pool/resort break at YC after lunch.


I think that’s a perfect plan and should end up quite nicely!


I just got back. Didn’t use Genie+ at HS, bc I was told you would get 2-3 rides if that. What we did, was Buy ILL for ROTR and were in line at 8, for an 8:30 on-site opening for Slinky. By 10, we had done Slinky, MNMRR, TSM, RNR coaster, and then we had an hour wait for MFSR. Our ROTR was 11:30. We then had Droid/Savi later that day. IMO for HS, Rope Drop is key. Even the saucers were hanging out at an hour wait most of day. This was at aTP CL 6.

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Yep for August RD will be a lot cooler. If your first LL is 5:30 you will be headed to DHS at the hottest time of day in August.

Thanks for sharing! We won’t rope drop and that is not negociable but I appreciate your input, it is useful for those who will RD.

I know! We don’t mind the heat, we already experienced it in July 2013 in Florida, august 2017 in Florida, august 2019 in japan. But I will not be able to RD most days. Especially because we have a long stay and other activities planned for the evenings (HDDMR, Drawn to life, MNSSHP, H2OGlow) and we need sleep :wink:

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I think a lot about HS schedules - I enjoy doing the puzzle. To clarify - what time is the earliest you plan to arrive, and are you willing to stay until park close? (Understanding you will alsontake a mid day break).

I think G+ is crucial at HS if you don’t rope drop, even on low crowd days.

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Indeed, we have G+ for our whole stay!

This is still temporary as it will mostly depend on the ADRs I will be able to get but here is a tentative first draft:

DHS day 1:
~ 7:00 buy RotR for 1pm and get breakfast for DH and DD8 (previous evening is H20 party)
~ 8:00 book first G+ for SDD return 5:30
~ 9:30 walk to DHS
~ 10:30 Savi’s workshop
~ 11:00 book ToT for 6:30 and get a snack (blue milk?!?)
~ 11:30 Droid depot and some SW shopping
~ 12:45 SCI-FI dinner
~ 1pm book MFSR for 7pm
After lunch, go back to YC (boat or skyliner) for pool break or nap
~ 3pm book RnRc for 6:30
~ 4:30 : use Disney transportation to DHS
~ 5pm : book MMRR for 8pm
~ eat or snack at QS between the G+LL rides

DHS day 2:
No tentative plans yet. Late arrival (MK extended evening the day before). See shows (Indiana Jones, Frozen sing along, Beauty and the beast). Use G+ for ST, A2S, ST, Muppet. Buy RotR if we liked it on day 1. Book Oga’s cantina for early afternoon (2pm - dessert/snack time).

DHS day 3: no plans yet. re ride what we liked.

We are willing to close park - we probably will in fact (and maybe Fantasmic will be back, we can dream) but not RD. Don’t hesitate to give me ideas, I am open to suggestions!

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I would book Savi’s for whenever you can get it. It has limited capacity.

If you don’t want to carry things around, you can ship them home. Any shop can ship it for you - just keep your receipts. My husband and I built our lightsabers and immediately sent them home. Easy peasy.

I am an arrive late and stack enthusiast. Here is what I was able to stack on May 27, CL 4;

7 am: got ROTR 5 pm, SDD for 7:25
11 am: MFSR for 2:15
1 pm: TSMM for 3 pm
3 pm: booked MMRR for 8:20

I could have booked another ride at 5, but was good.

I am not a roller coaster person, so we didn’t do RnRR or ToT. When I go back in mid-August, I’ll be with my daughter and so will focus on those rides for G+. I love SDD at night, so we will try to do that at park close.

Also, MMRR is supposed to go back to ILL on August 7.


Shipping home is not an option for me. As far as I know this is not available for Europe (Germany) or probably more expensive than I’d like.

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I succesfully stacked in the aftetnoon for HS. We were not planning to arrive until around 4 in the afternoon. We started at Epcot in the AM. I actually skipped trying to book SDD at 7. I booked my first for Remys and booked a ILL and BG for GotG at 7 as well. I didnt start stacking HS until about 1030 am when I was eligible to make my second selection. I stacked ToT then RRC then MFSR. Then I picked up TSM for as close to our arrival as possible. Used TSM when we got there and then was able to make another selection. A bit of refreshing and I got MMRR and also SDD for later in the evening. I continued to grab selections when I was allowed and use my 3 stacked from the morning. Did everything we wanted from 4 till 9PM.

Even when genie selections were sold out in the AM…most would pop back up if you refreshed a few mins when it was time to make a selection. The ones that popped up the least were TOT and SDD but I saw all the other rides pop back in with availability throughout the day.

This was Sunday jun 4th for crowd level comparisson. I was stressed about genie plus but didnt hate it. I actually enjoyed the down time we had in between rides. I would book. Set my alarm amd the put my phone away to enjoy the park. We.waited in no lines all 4 days we were there and rode what we wanted.


If you plan to stay til park close. I’m going to suggest getting in the standby line for ROTR at the end of the day. You can exit to an empty Galaxys Edge all lit up and beautiful, and grab some photos.

Believe it or not, this month when HS was a CL 7 on many days, people waited only 25 minutes!


I believe it. But it still scares me :sweat_smile:

I also KNOW that official SB times are inflated to scare people off. And even knowing that, it works on me :crazy_face:

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Have no fear, you have the Force. :laughing: It’s like clockwork every day. When the posted wait hits 65 minutes, that’s your cue to jump in line. Example. Here on a recent CL 7 day, the posted wait dropped to 65 minutes at 7:00 on a 9:00 close time day. It was a 25 minute wait for someone who entered the line at 7:08. So you wouldn’t even really have to wait til right before park close to enter. What you could do is observe the wait times on day 1 and even check the TP historical data from the previous day on the morning of your visit.

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Thanks a lot! Very interesting data!

Where can you find the TP historical data? I have never seen those before.

I also need to get familiar with Thrill data ai I can see a few days before what will best work for G+ during my stay.

  1. For viewing multiple attractions in a park You can start here: Historical Disney World Crowds
    Scroll down, choose a month, then date, then under a certain park tap “Click here to see individual attraction details…”, scroll down to the graphs. You can tap on any of the dots to see the time.

  2. For looking at a specific attraction Just google “Rise (etc) waits”, TP is the second link, it will take you to the current day (forecast) , you can tap the arrow for the previous day, or type a custom date in the bottom left area.

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Thrill data is great for most things, but what they can’t do is report actual waits. Only TP/Liners can do that!

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Thanks a lot! I never noticed these links in the Crowd calendars!

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