How to modify ADR to avoid no-show fee

How does this work? I’ve seen people reference this in posts before. Say I have a VN reservation for dinner on my Epcot day, but I enjoy so many snacks at the F&G kiosks that I’m not even hungry at my ADR time, can I go to modify my VN reservation to another day and then cancel later outside of the 24 hours?
For example:
I have Reservation on Tuesday at 630
On that Tuesday at 4, decide not to go to ADR, so I go on app and modify reservation until next Monday at 430
Then the following day, I cancel the reservation for next Monday
And I am not charged for a no-show?
Is that correct?

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Yup, that’s exactly it. At least that’s how it was when I did it last.

You modify it to a farther out day, and then cancel it all together.


Be careful not to leave it too late. The option to Modify disappears an hour or so before the ADR (can’t remember exactly when).

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Thanks! This is important info.

Yes it is. Didn’t know this. Going with Grandson in August and he’s a picky eater. May want to cancel within the 24 hour window but didn’t know how without incurring a $30 penalty. Modify and cancel on another day. Just the thing if need be. I am sure Disney will catch on to this if it is done too often, but for now it may be worth a go. Thanks. :rofl:

Ooh, I didn’t know about this one. Thanks for posting, @momfourmonkeys. I love learning this kind of stuff. You never know when you’ll need it.