How to minimize chaos ENTERING MK after Wishes

We’re going to CG for Wishes Saturday May 9th, planning appetizer and maybe dessert, 9:30 reservation, Wishes at 10 (MSEP 9 pm/11 pm), then heading into the park for EMH (until 2 am). What’s our best strategy to avoid being crushed by the stampeding guests fleeing MK after Wishes ends?

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Wait at least 30 mins after its done to walk over. It’ll be busy still but not as bad as right after.

If I remember correctly, When you walk from CR, you will cross a massive group heading for the buses AND the ferry. Consider taking the monorail around. You will exit the MK station between the resort and express entrance ramps, and then be able to walk to bag check, crossing a smaller group of people.

Perhaps a liner can check this, with personal observation, some time before your trip.

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I’ve also found that if you enter during wishes and go straight into the Main Street shops on the left (Adventureland side) you can kind of get around the crowds while everyone is standing still.

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But that is also the best exit strategy moving through the store to bypass crowds.

I’m probably wrong then. I’ve only been during very low crowd times. It’s probably different at other times.