How to make plan use fast pass

We are going to MNSSHP and will get to the park at 4. I have two fast passes- one for Jungle cruise since it closes at 7 and one for splash mountain since we want to get wet at the hottest park of the day, not at 9pm, When I put the fast passes into the plan and optimize, it won’t let me use the splash mountain fast pass since I will save time if I ride at 9 pm. Is there a way to force it to use the fast pass so we can ride when we want to?

No - it optimizes regardless. However you can always just ride it when you want to take it out of your rotation and add a break for the time you think you will be there. So add a “break” at 5PM (if that is when you want to ride) have it for 1/2 hour and then move onto the next - or just go and do it and have your plan continue to optimize after that

At the top of the touring plan, at the bottom of the FastPass+ Reservations section, click the green plus next to Advance Options. There’s a checkbox that says “Force “Optimize” to use all of your FastPass+ reservations, even if that increases wait times.” Check that and reoptimize.

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You can also manually drag the Splash Mountain listing to the proper time and then use evaluate instead of optimize.