How to make FPP for family and friends

My family is staying onsite for 10 days in March and FPP date is fast approaching. We have some friends who will be staying offsite the same time as we will be there. We are all linked via MDE and can see each others plans. I want to make all of our FPP at 60 days out if possible. I’ve never done this before. Can I umbrella them in for all of their ticket days? We will be in the same parks on some days and in different parks for FPP on other days. Does this matter? Tips on how to do this without messing up my plans?

Yes, you will be able to do this. Although you will need to be “canny”.

When booking the FPs, you need to select the group who will be riding. When you’re all in the same park, it’s easy.

When in a different park it gets trickier, because one of the onsite guests needs to be in each group, at least initially.

The easiest way, if you have spare capacity in your room, is to add one of the offsite group to your reservation. Otherwise, just proceed as follows:

Say your family will be in MK, the other group in DHS.

Book your FPs in MK.

Then book their FPs for DHS. Include yourself in the group initially. When you get a warning that you already have FPs in another park, simply deselect yourself, and then proceed with booking.

You could book theirs first and then cancel yourself from each FP. Then book your family’s FPs. But if you’re wanting hard to get FPs, I would do your own first.


Ahh. Very important information. I hope I can figure this out on the day without messing up my own FPPs for the days we are not together.

You will get a warning before anything gets deleted! Just remove yourself at that point and you’ll be fine.

@Nickysyme I am always so impressed with your vast FP knowledge! Seriously how did you learn all of the caveats? There are so many moving parts to the system that it is hard to keep track of them all!


I’ve said before, the DIS have some seriously knowledgeable people who created their “Stickies” on FPs, tickets etc. I try to keep up to date with those threads, where the same mods are answering the questions. That’s how I pick up the wee tricks etc. It also helps at least one of them is active elsewhere, where I can “ask a friend”!

For example, up above, when @momfourmonkeys wanted to make FPs for offsite friends… up until maybe 3 weeks ago, I would have said that she (or one of her family) would have to book the same FPs as the offsite group and then cancel their own. Until I read in a reply post that she could delete herself from the group before even completing the FP booking.

I discovered the park hopping stuff by accident on my last trip and then wanted to find out exactly what you could and couldn’t do. And to keep my Disney love alive, I started reading and posting far more on the forums, and lurking on one! I do wish I had an AP sometimes so I could do screenshots of the process.

I guess it’s all part of the obsession we all share! :joy: :joy:

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Today was FPP day and we were all able to make our FPP at 60 days out. Yay! Didn’t matter if same or different park. Thanks for the tip about selecting one onsite guest for each group initially.

My new question is whether we can now disconnect on MDE since the FPP are made or do we have to wait until we are within the 30-day window? @Nickysyme? I am nervous about messing up each others plans, especially since I like to tinker. As we have 10 total people in our party and often have different FPP groups with 6, 4, 3, or 2 depending. I think it will be very confusing on the ground in March so I don’t want to be linked and have the opportunity to mess someone up.

I’m no expert but I think you’ll need to wait until all their days are inside 30 days.


I haven’t heard about anyone losing FPs as long as everyone has tickets linked.

However, to be sure then I would wait until the 30 day mark too!

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