How to make a custom TP for 2 Parks in One Day?

We want to maximize our time in Disneyland and DCA using Park Hoppers. Some things in DCA we only want to see once, and only need half a day for it.

The pre-built Touring Plans don’t quite match what we are looking for. I can’t find a way, nor can I find a thread in the forums, about creating a custom TP for 2 parks (or more) in 1 day with Park Hoppers.

Can someone give me advice on this please?

Assuming you do park one all the way and then transition to park two, you would make a TP for the first park using opening as start time. Optimize until stable - at this point you can change end time to when you will exit park but not necessary. Then estimate travel time add that to when you will leave first park and that is the start time for a 2nd TP for the second park. You can not do 2 parks in one TP so do two using different start times


That sounds like the best possible option. Thanks

Are there any plans on making touring plans include 2 parks? I understand the limitation and WDW but I consider Disneyland one big park since it takes about 5 minutes to cross from one to another. I’m going 2.5 days and would like to cross back and forth (especially since Disneyland lacks the adult beverages needed after hours of walking!)

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I would add that the trouble with not being able to to have 1 custom TP for 2 parks is that it doesn’t help you utilize the Max Pass feature for shows or super headliner rides like Guardians that run through FPs very quickly. For example if you’re going on a Saturday and need to maximize early entry at DL, but don’t want to miss out on Guardians, you still want to get that Max Pass, even if you need to take a break and run over to DCA to do it. If a custom TP took that into consideration, it would optimize at what time in the day it would make the most sense to get that pass, so your return time was optimized in the TP.

We do have a two parks in one day plan. It starts in DCA and ends in DL.