*****how to link travelocity res to mde*******

I had ISSUES doing this!! I wanted to post a how to so no one else had to go through the trouble.

The conformation email they send you from travelocity has two different conf #'s. Do not use those. Place a quick call to the phone # provided on the email for Travelocity and ask them for the


It is a completely different # from any they send you. That is the # you need to link to MDE. Don’t confuse them by asking anything else about mde or linking to Disney…they aren’t CM’s and have no idea what we are talking about.

Hope this helps someone!!


Thanks for the information!

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I learned quickly that they don’t know anything about Disney or its “secret number” hahHa!!! They aren’t Cms either… That’s for sure! Thanks for passing along the info!

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