How to keep track of nifty ride details?

Any ideas for keeping track of park and ride details that you might want to use during touring?

Things like where to sit on Splash without getting wet, best seat on Soaring’, good spot to watch SWFW.
While reading the Forum and the Lines Chat, I see so many tips that I want to remember. Would adding them to the notes section on a Touring Plan be the easiest solutions? Anybody else has some great ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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The notes section is probably easiest. That way you’ll see it when you need it.

I would probably make a “note” on my iPhone and put the various “nifty details” there.

But then you’re searching through the note to find the bit you need. Or you’ve got 40 different notes to search through if you did a separate one for each.

You could do both I guess, then you’ve got it one way or the other.

Yes, that’s what I do and it is so convenient. Glad you can add a note to each step of your TP.