How to interpret Waiting time data


I liked the idea of this and decided to actually drop the money to get the data, but it just doesnt make any sense

The next two days seem reasonable, but after that. The wait times drop dramatically and dont seem acurate
For example 8th Feb 2020.
7 Dwarfs Train* 34 min 69 min 78 min 61 min 39 min

Yet in 2017/18 the Wait time in that period Was 86-120 Well more than double.
Same for all the big rides It appears that the data is only usefull 2 days in advance which isnt much use for general planning, and the reason i decided to pay

anyone know if im doing something wrong?


I guess that the drop-off in 7DMT does not seem all that unreasonable to me - there are ebbs and flows in wait times for reasons that can be difficult to pinpoint without a deep analysis of the underlying data.

At the end of the day the specific predictions are not the most important thing to focus on - a good TP is the key to park touring, as it will help you get the most out of any day.


The same is true for every ride. It seems the next 2 days seem in line with history but after 2 days th predicted times are way below average vs historical figures.


Again, I don’t see anything all that unusual here. However, if you want the true expert opinion, e-mail and they should get back to you fairly quickly with a better explanation.