How to interject Jedi signup process into TP....?


I am working on finalizing my HS plan......I put Jedi Training itself in there and of course it shows all the showtimes but I have no idea which to select as we don't know what availability will be when we sign up. Also, it has us heading to TSMM first thing which is the plan, after we sign up for JTA, how do I add the signup process and the chunk of time that'll take to my plan for it to take it into consideration?


I would add a "rest" break for the estimated time, staying in the park. You can retitle it 'JTA sign up' and put location info in the notes if you want a reminder where it is at.


If you plan on signing up at rd, or pre-rd, you should have your choice of what TP optimizes for you. That's what happened with me. As for how long it will take to sign up, that will depend on if you actually sign up early, and if the ppl in front of you know what they are doing. It should only take a minute or two to actually sign up once you get to the CM, but it's the ppl that have no idea what they are doing that will take up most of your time in line. They will start their debate on what time to sign their youngling up when they get to the front of the line.Those ppl have absolutely no idea how much precious time they are wasting of their own, and everyone else. I wouldn't stress too much tho. If you get a spot that's not exactly what you wanted for some reason, take the next one that makes sense. Have a backup slot that works.