How to incorporate food and wine festival into Plans

Two questions;

How does one successfully plan Epcot using the touring plan when the system doesn’t allow for time spent at each Pavillion. I’ve also noticed some touring plans tell you to go to certain countries prior to 11am. Like mine has China at 10.15am followed by germany at 10.43am

How can we including things during the food and wine festival into the touring plan and factor in time spent at each kiosk eating etc. I know it’s a bit early for 2019 but previously what’s been the best approach

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For me, whenever I’ve done an Epcot festival, I’ve scheduled my “touring plan” hours in the morning, say from 9-2 or so. Other than Frozen and Anna and Elsa, World Showcase doesn’t really have anything that builds up an appreciable line. So if you tour Future World in the morning (plus the Frozen stuff if you’re so inclined), leave the afternoon open without a plan. (I know, :open_mouth:). Then you can just wander around and explore World Showcase.

One tip: try to go on any day that doesn’t start with “Satur” if you’re doing food and wine. Mon-Thurs are the best days for F&W… Saturday is the worst, followed by Friday and then Sunday.


Last year, we started at the entrance for WS and hit most countries. We didn’t realize we missed Moroco and Japan until we got home. This fall, we will go to Epcot over several days. Day 1 we will walk straight to American Pavilion, then Japan, etc. Day 2 we will walk straight to the American Pavilion, then head to Italy, etc.

My favorite food vendors last year were in the grassy area on the outskirts of WS (i don’t know the name of this area… I cant pinpoint its exact location on the map)

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Best advice I received was to head for the food booths farthest away in the WS at 11am and work your way back. Most people start at the front so the lines are the longest there at opening (11am). By the time you get back to the FW booths, the lines there have died down.
Of course I had a list of what we were going to get at the booths so I would just make a break in my TP for a meal at the nearest restaurant. That way you can get your walking times in your plan.

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This is what we did as well. Hit FW first (including mimosas at the Festival Center!) and then around 1pm started making our way around World Showcase, just meandering in and out and stopping at whatever looked good at the time.

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