How to Hollywood Studios July 2020

So I have used and loved TP’s for a decade but am utterly overwhelmed with trying to plan for DHS for July 2020. We will be visiting this park at least 3 times. Two rope drops staying until about 4pm, including one morning EMH and one evening with EMH and the Fantasmic dining package at 5pm at Mama Melrose’s. we will have to ride T of T every time as its been my 18 year old’s favourite since she was 5!!! I’m thinking trying to get a different T1 FPP for each visits as a starting but then what should be my plan?

Though this does not offer much, I’m pretty sure this past week or so, all HS morning extra magic hours were changed to evening extra magic hours through the end of the August I believe, which most are taking as an indication that boarding groups for RotR will still be around though that time at least. These boarding groups have made mornings at HS pretty busy and evenings there relatively less so. Currently, evening waits for MFSR are not to bad, but of course these standby times will inflate significantly once FastPass is in play for this ride. Will you have park hoppers?

ToT and Rock Coaster will be B tier. Rope drop Slinky or MMRT and and book your FastPass for the other. Do standby for MFSR. Walk into shows based on where you are at any given moment. Eat on the fly.

Your morning EMH is likely going away (or it already has) leading me to think the park will be opening at 8am for the foreseeable future. Food for thought.

I will be there from 7/6-7/12 and am planning 2 HS days. We all love Tot, but I’m thinking we can easily RD it. So - the plan as of now is this: Rope dropping ToT and RnRC. Going to try for a FP+ for SDD one day and MRSR the other day while holding out hope for SDFP+ for TSMM. Not so sure yet on the MMRR. Good luck.

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