How to guarantee your next vacation

Mom calls…‘Can you see if anything is available for Dad and I to check out Food & Wine this year? I’ve finally talked him into it.’

Me…‘Ok, but you’re going to need to take me with you to get my Passholder room discount at Yacht Club…and if you’re going to Food & Wine, you really want to be at Yacht Club…so yeah…’

Just waiting for the final go ahead…:grin:


LOL that’s awesome


Now that is a cliff hanger! When is the next episode?:wink:

So, when do we go? I’ll be waiting. Just let me know where and when I need to be. :slight_smile:


Soon I hope!!!

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Love your response to your mom.

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…and we’re booked! DS9 took it well that he will not be going…but that’s probably because we have a family trip first week of December. And he doesn’t know if yet, but I booked Wild Africa Trek for it!