How to get to BOG preRD reservation?

So according to the Disney site, TTC starts letting you in 30 min before park opening and buses start 45 min before. Is this accurate info? How do i get to MK at 7:45? We have a rental car which is how we will be getting around for the rest of our trip.

Which resort are you staying at? We were at Fort Wilderness so took the ferry to the Contemporary and then walked over. The ferry to MK did not start running in time. I’ve seen others who take an uber or lyft to the Contemporary to do the same.

We were at CBR in Feb and the first bus to MK was usually around 6:45 to 7.

Were staying at POFQ.

Ok so they do start early? Was hoping to avoid buses since we have two little ones (double stroller) but it may be our only choice.

So I see the resort monorail starts running earlier. Will I have any issue parking at TTC and using the resort monorail to get to MK by 7:45?

You should be able to take the TTC ferry over to MK if you are parking at TTC. You could also park at CR and just walk.

Definitely like the walking idea. I’ll be able to park at CR without a dining reservation?

You can valet park or just tell them you have an early breakfast planned at QS location. Depends on which option “feels right” to you.