How to get on Guardians of the Galaxy Virtual Queue

Apologies, forum search surprisingly didn’t reveal relevant discussion on this.

How the heck do you get in the 7:00 AM GotG queue?

I followed the instructions, and at 7:00 AM, in MDE, tapped the “join virtual queue” button. It showed GotG, and I again tapped “join virtual queue” button. It said none of my party was eligible! I’m traveling solo, have successfully been using MDE for the past 5 days in the parks, and have a park reservation for EPCOT today.

Closed out the app and reopened it, and it had suddenly logged me out. For 39 minutes, I logged in, again and again, and it kept saying I wasn’t logged in. Kept sending me login verification codes to my email. Tried restarting the app. Tried closing all apps and rebooting the phone. Same result. All while tapping “Log In” at the top of the app, or scrolling down to “Join Virtual Queue”, which also booted me to the login screen, and then just had a never-ending spinning wheel while it said “checking for eligible party”

Of course, after 39 minutes, when it finally DID log me back in, “Join Virtual Queue” now said that all 7:00 AM queues were closed, and I’d have to try at 1:00 PM. Touring Plans is smart about this stuff. There were tips and hacks for the RotR queue. So how do we get this one to work?

You might want to try using the website rather than the app if the app gives you problems like this ahead of the 1:00 time slot. In fact, have both open…the app, and the website, so that you can quickly jump between the two. You generally have seconds, so there is no room for error…even if the error is Disney’s fault.

It is frustrating, for sure.

You may wish to buy the ILLS for GOTG instead if this is a must do attraction for you…assuming you have another day you could do it.


Thanks–I did actually have the website open also on my laptop, which also booted me out to the login, and then when I logged in, just gave me the spinning disney wheel waiting for the login to take. FWIW, the instructions do say you have to use the MDE app.

I’m doing at least the next 2, if not 3 days at EPCOT, spreading it out nice and slow, so hopefully I can get in at 1:00 today or sometime the next couple days.

VQ’s can be so frustrating

You can’t do it on the website.

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I read that MDE was down this morning. Sorry for the bad luck. If you are still there at 1:00 though that one tends to last longer and is much easier to get.


MDE was down this morning at least from 6:30-7:15. I haven’t rechecked the status yet.

I’m sorry it has jacked your day.


Well then…I guess I am of no help!

You and me both.

Woot! I checked my phone right before heading to EPCOT, and MDE put out a message while I was getting ready that the Guardians Queue had a “delay” and would reopen at 8:40. I read the message at 8:47, but immediately opened the app, joined the queue, and got Group 87. Woot woot! Here I come!



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Fantastic!! I wonder how many people (like me) didn’t even think that that message meant the VQ was available. Go you!


I used virtual queue on 9/13 for GOTG and then did a $15 pay-to-ride with practically no wait time. It’s my first experience doing both. GOTG is awesome, really fun and experienced two different songs with each ride. It was THE thing for me to do that day. I’m kind of conflicted about pay-to-ride. It’s feels like the NFL’s version of buying a stadium seat license to become a season ticket holder and then paying a separate fee to see a game.


Final result today: Rode about 3:00. Maybe 15 min wait in line once I checked in from VQ. Fun ride. A little strange at moment, as our bodies don’t do lateral G’s the way we do vertical and longitudinal, as it was spinning. But good fun. Will try to ride again tomorrow the same way. If I don’t get a VQ, I won’t be buying an ILL.