How to get from Oga's to Jingle Bell Jingle Bam quickly

I planned our ADRs a long time ago but then was able to get a 7:30 Oga’s and am not sure how to tweak things. Any chance this would work? I was last at WDW in 2015 so there was no TS Land, I can’t imagine the distances here…of course I know this is a better Q to ask once SW opens but I really think I need to change stuff so I appreciate any input, thanks! It will be Thanksgiving week so high crowds.

–4:30 ish—eat dinner at Sci Fi diner (my current ADR is 5:20, I’d need to change it)
–6:30 enter SW land
–7:15 get in line for Oga’s (they say to get in line 15 min early)
–be out of Oga’s with enough time to get to Jingle Bell, Jingle Bam at 8:30. It looks on the map like we can exit SW through TS land then curve around and end up behind the Chinese theatre. But I don’t know if stuff will be blocked off for the show.

I realize this might not work and we might have to jettison JBJB…if the line for Smugglers Run were short enough we’d probably do that instead.

You should be able to take the route you outlined. It’s just a matter of how “rushed” do you want to be at Oga’s. It’s going to be a tight schedule and you may have to elbow your way forward through the crowds to get a good view of JBJB!