How to get day-of QS Candlelight Package?

Hey folks…we are planning to be in Epcot during one of the Candlelight Processional nights with Cal Ripken Jr. is speaking. Candlelight Processional is one of my Disney bucket list items, and I really want to make it to one of the showings. We are a party of 11 with everyone over 10, and the TS prices are really high for one meal for our family. I’m wondering if anyone has experience with snagging the day-of QS Candlelight Processional packages? How did this work? Is there a good strategy? I’m thinking we would do Regal Eagle and welcome any tips you have.

I am curious myself. I believe it’s new this year. At least, I don’t recall the option from years past.

CP has become one of our Christmas season traditions. I think we have ended up seeing Whoopi Goldberg all but once.


It isn’t brand new.
Can’t remember much about it, will try and search.


I didn’t know this was a thing you could do. It would be much more affordable for us too.

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Molly mentioned in her video last year so they had it last year I think. I’m also sorta interested in it but willing to fork down the cash since it’s just two of us for my dinner. My dilemma was I’d rather see Neil Patrick Harris which is my arrival day and I day I planned to go to Disney Springs for dinner. So I’d have to change our tickets to add a day and then miss Disney Springs night (which I think they do a neat tree trail I want to see too). I think I’ve decided that’s not worth the money and I’ll just see the law and order actress instead.

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Yeah it’s $40 and the quick choices I’m actually more interested in. I love Spice Road Table a lot and never tried the American place. I’ve been to all the table service ones. I don’t like R&C or Coral Reef. I’ve done Biergarten twice in the last year and while I like the Canadian steakhouse I’m not sure I want to spend $100pp.


We were planning to hop to Epcot on our candlelight day but I would opt to try the spice table instead. I think you have to check In in person when they open. Last year I saw the signs out fairly well into the afternoon at Spice Road but we already had Biergarten. I’ll probably have a dining package for later in our week but may try a day of walk up for an earlier Epcot day and then cancel our dining package if we get lucky.

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The $100 price tag is what has me pausing as well. Am I really going to pay over $1000 for one meal for our family so I can get a guaranteed spot for CP? I think if there were two of us, it feels different (and yes, I realize that doesn’t make sense because we would pay the same per person regardless). When you have 5 kids with you though (all over 10) and think about paying $100 for each one…it gives me pause.


Oh yeah it definitely would. Those 5 kids aren’t going to appreciate Le Cellier if they’re like my kids were. As teens they can but not when they were middle school age. I’m two adults so it is within reason but I’m more interested in eating again at SRT or trying something new even with just us. Why can’t we prebuy the quick service?


That’s a good plan. I just loved our meal for the harmonious package there. The ambiance and food are wonderful as are the drinks. I like it the most of all the options I’ve tried that are on the list.

We did this last year - got to Regal Eagle right at 11:00 when they opened, which probably wasn’t necessary. There were only about a dozen people waiting at that time and we had no problem getting the CP package. It was an early lunch, but CP was important to us, so totally worth it to me to make sure we got it. I’m pretty sure the package was still available in the evening hours at least for the last showing of the CP - but the earlier CP showings do sell out more quickly.


Useful thanks. So is there a way to show up at 11:00 to get the package, but come back to eat at say 4:30 and then do the 5:45 show?

No, you have to buy a meal to get the CP tickets.