How to get back to AofA after HDDR (8:30)?!?!

I have a friend at WDW now…she has the 8:30 HDDR dinner show tomorrow and is wondering how she will get back to her resort (Art of Animation) after the show, presumably 10:00 pm or later when MK is closed…She had a NIGHTMARE experience tonight getting back to AofA after an Ohana dinner when they left at 10:15.

What they used to do was have buses ready to take people back to their resorts.

When we went on New Years Day, they had buses to take us back to MK, and everyone got buses from there to their resorts. Or you can go to the dock and take the boat across to Contemporary or MK. But there does tend to be a queue.

I think the new arrangement is a permanent one, not just a Holidays one.

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Thanks! I wasn’t sure what to tell her, as I thought she’d be able to take monorail or boat back to MK and catch the bus to her resort!