How to find out when early admission to Universal parks

Do they let you know what side has early admission and what time that is? We will be there May 5th and 6th. I also noticed that they close early on the 5th.

Mhm. May 5th looks like both parks have early admission and neither on the 6th, ATM.

Islands of Adventure has early admission currently, through 4/7. The schedule after that is unknown at this time, although typically the 2 weeks around Easter have had early admission at both parks. It will then return to one park sometime around 4/23. Which park that will be is anyone’s guess, though Universal will update their website soon. It is always 1 hour before open, so will be 7am on 5/5, and 8am on 5/6. The 6pm close on May 5th is due to Gradventure. Looks like middle schoolers will be taking over both parks. Crowds should be nice and low during the day though, with such an early close, although it does say they can get in as early as 4pm. Here’s a link.

Universal Orlando link to epa calender