How to find best value?

I’m having the worst time trying to navigate UOR’s pricing.

I need:
–3 nights onsite (prefer the pacific-themed one but got a PIN for CB)
–2 days of tickets for me and DS (do they have to be park-to-park for Hogwarts?)
–Unlimited Express Pass if staying at CB

I haz a headache.

Is a package cheaper than room-only plus 3rd party tickets?

What is required for deposit for package vs room-only?
Also what is the cancellation policy for both? What if I book through Orbitz?

Thank you!

Royal Pacific will cost more per night, but the unlimited express pass is included, so a portion of the cost will be offset (that was my plan for my cancelled Nov UOR stay). I can’t help you with ticket prices/comparisons as I am able to get military tickets. But yes, you DO need park-to-park if you want to ride the Hogwart’s Express. Pretty sure that room-only was a CC hold, but I do not believe that an actual deposit was required. I think it’s a 48 hour cancellation policy. No info on Orbitz booking.

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This is based on pricing I have done for Dec, so YMMV. There is no benefit to booking a package. Orbitz cancellation policies are the same as UOR - I don’t know about deposits, as I was only looking at 1 night.

With this in mind, I would book a RO reservation now with UOR just to make sure I have a room locked in. I would also buy tickets now from a discounter like UT, as the price can only go up. I would then watch for when Orbitz extends the discount codes (you should be able to get at least 15%) and then book with them and cancel the original reservation.

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We will be there April 10-12. I booked our room at RPR through Orbitz as it saved 15% (review15 code still works). Bought tickets through Undercover Tourist as they are cheaper than UOR direct (at least they were, I bought in January, their tickets include tax and shipping in their price). We did this last year as well, works great. Booking a package through UOR always was more expensive no matter how many times I priced it in the last 9 months. I have been using Orbitz and Undercover Tourist for several years for WDW, UOR, DLR, and other places in Florida, Seattle, etc. I have never encountered a problem.
You do want park-to-park tickets, park hopping is very easy at UOR and you need it to ride the HE. Plus Escape from Gringott’s has had a lot of trouble the last few weeks, and if it was closed on your Uni day you wouldn’t be able to ride it on your IOA day without park-to-park. If you buy unlimited express and stay at CBBR it will probably cost about the same as staying at RPR, so I would choose RPR in that case (but you need to price it out, or give me you dates and I will find you the cheapest deal). CBBR is a further walk or you can take the shuttle, RPR is very close so no need for shuttle. RPR is like a WDW deluxe hotel and CBBR is sort of between a value and a moderate. CBBR looks nice enough, but the fact that we would have to travel further to the park and pay for the express passes will always keep us picking one of the 3 deluxe hotels. Let me know if you need more help! This will be our 3rd Universal trip in the last few years so pretty familiar with it.

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You all are so helpful @bswan26 @mumcalsop @brklinck @Wahoohokie ! I am deeply moved you’ve taken the time to answer all my questions!

I spent the afternoon studying up a bit, but what you wrote was most helpful.

From what I can tell, it will be almost $600 LESS to stay three nights at RPR in early June than three nights at CB over Spring Break. Add in the cost of express passes, and it’s a no-brainer: we’re going in June, after we check out of YC! (I had two separate trips booked, one celebrating w DD at WDW, one w DS at UOR, so now I’ve moved flights to combine them–this was no easy task, as half were booked with points so multiple conf #'s, but I digress).

I will buy tix from one of the third parties and not do a package. I’ll keep an eye out for good orbitz discounts!!

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If you are going in early June then book now on Orbitz using promo code REVIEW15 for an additional 15% discount, as it is good through June 30.

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@pianominnie @brklinck goog plan there with Orbitz or another party, right now they have good deals.

Yes you need park hoppers for doing the Hogwarts Express, and frankly I recommend that. I think, relaxing and doing revisiting attractions, the universal parks can be three days.

Any other questions?

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