How to ensure my boarding group isn’t called before I arrive

My question involves boarding groups for ROTR at Disneyland Park and Web Slingers (WS) at Disney California Adventure. I have reservations and tickets for my adult son and me for Tuesday 8/31/21, for DCA. I live about two hours away from Anaheim and also have to pick up my son from the Anaheim train station before going to the park. It opens at 8 a.m. that day, but I’m guessing I’ll arrive more like 11. The ROTR queue seems to fill up early, but, today (another Tuesday), when I checked at about two pm, there were still queue slots for WS. However, the wait was running about 6 hours to be called after joining the queue.

Here’s my question: I don’t want my group to come up before I even arrive at the park, and I don’t want a group time to come up right near the 10 pm closing, when my son has to get back home to work the next day and I have a long drive ahead. Any suggestions for how to handle the timing to join the WS queue. (For ROTR, on a day I go to DL itself, I know to seek a spot at 7 am and hope for the best, because the queue fills up so fast).

There’s no good way to time the securing of BGs to get what you want. Your best bet is to get whatever BG you can, show up when you can, and hope they’ll have mercy on you, which they probably will.

Thanks! The mercy part is nice to know.:wink:

Someone asked this question recently, and several people confirmed that Disney still is allowing people to come back any time after their BG is called - no enforcement of the end time.

This I know was me :wink:


I’ve had a delay getting into the park before, and they were very nice about changing my BG to a later time. I asked as soon as I entered the park, but this was at wdw.


It is always worth an ask!