How to do the most in a day with express

We are going to be spending one day in universal Orlando on the 7th April, we are spending the night before at the Hard Rock so we will have express and early entry. We will have a park to park ticket. There are 8 of us, 2 adults and 6 kids aged 9-19.

We have been to universal in both Singapore and Hollywood before.
Our favourite ride at Hollywood was forbidden journey.

How would you suggest we plan out our day.
We want to try and do as much as possible on the one day, shows and rides.

Obviously, doing everything will not be possible. My suggestion to you is to look at the ride and show descriptions and start narrowing down what you want to do and then create a personalized TP including only those things to find the best order to do those things in. If you run the Lines app in the park, the day of, re-optimize after every ride or show. I know some people hate this, but for me, I have found it to be extremely helpful in maximizing what I can do in any given day.

I think you will easily get on every ride you want at least once with early entry and an express pass.

I think from memory Islands of adventure has the best rides (for older kid)

So I would go there first with early opening as onsite guests. Do all the HP rides in there. Then get across to the other HP world by hogwarts express (make sure youve got park hopper of course)

Do the HP rides in there

Get hogwarts express back (it’s a different journey inside the train each time)

That way within 3 hrs max you should had done all of the rides in both HP world’s. I realise you won’t have much time for looking at theming etc

Then hit all the rides in islands of adventure you like the sound of - then walk to the other park and hit the rides you fancy there

All of the HP big rides are great

All of these below are our favourites as well

Jurassic park (you may get wet)
The mummy
Rip ride rocket

Assuming your kids are old enough

If you just focus on rides rather than looking round too much you will hit them all at least once and any easily

You should have time for lunch and even a refresh back at the hotel with time to go back in for more as well in the evening. Maybe in th evening just go back in and hit your favourite rides a second time

Try the ice cream in HP world - it’s great