How to count the 60 days?

I am feeling silly for needing to even ask this question as this is not my first rodeo - but how do I count the 60 days - I assume the start of my trip is zero?

My trip starts March 23rd and looking at two different on line calculator sources one says 60 day mark is Jan 22 and the other Jan 23 - maybe one is confused about leap year? Anyway - I would appreciate if someone can confirm so I plan my booking day correctly. Thanks!

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23rd Jan by my reckoning. I always just count back 8 weeks from check in day and then 4 days.


Thank you! I also counted ahead from the countdown date on the TP dashboard and I also get Jan 23 that way. So that must be it :slight_smile:

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This was helpful, my trip starts on 24th March! Guess I am the 24th Jan then!
MDE says I can book from that date as well. Thanks!


Honestly, I always just set my trip up on my touring plans dashboard, the countdown always shows up on the homepage of the app.


Oh gosh! I’ve been so many time and always second guess this!! It’s all about if arrive day counts and for the life of me I can never remember it with any type of confidence.

Oh! :raised_hands: Pro tip! Now why didn’t I think of this :joy:

Is it 7am est that the dining opens up? I’ve heard sometimes a little earlier?

It’s 6AM online. 7AM for the phones. Some have reported dining opening up as early as 5:45AM EST.

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I just Google “what is 60 days before March 23rd 2024” :joy:


Same :joy:

Thank you! I didn’t know it was different online than the phone. Good info.

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If you booked a package, go to “my plans” on the Disney Website, click in the fork/knife icon and it will tell you the date as well.


Or if you just booked a room.

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