How to connect group of 10

We’re heading to DLR with friends at the end of June and I want to be able to make dining reservations and LL reservations for the whole crew, from 3 different families. Basically, we want to keep our methods of payment separate, but when using Genie+ and making dining reservations, we want to be able to reserve for the whole group. Can I add them to my party and can they add my family to their party? How do we do this?

  1. you don’t need to add them to your party for dining reservations - just have one person make the reservation for 10 people, and then you just report and give them the name the reservation is under. But if you do want the reservation to show up on everyone’s app, see #2.

  2. to link tickets, the easiest way is for everyone to just scan each of the other tickets onto their app. Click the scan code under the “tickets” menu in the app and then you can scan the barcode from the original ticket owner’s phone, or scan the tickets off a computer screen, or enter the bar codes manually. Each person who wants to see reservations on their phone or make reservations will have to do this, but people who are just along for the ride (children) don’t have to have the app.

Another option would just be to let everyone log in under your user name, or just create one dummy user name that can’t access your payment info, and have everyone log in under that one. Then you’d only have to scan in tickets once. Or create one login for each group that’s paying separately, and then each member within those groups can sign into the group login.

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A few additional details to add:

Restaurants are the easy part. Usually for restaurants, they won’t seat you until everyone is there. When paying for your meals, you just tell the waitstaff how you want to split the tickets once you are at the table. No need to worry about who pays what for meals ahead of time.

Booking and paying for LL and ILL is whole 'nother thing.