How to change user name?

How do I change my user name? I went to my profile, clicked edit, but the only thing it would let me change is my password. I’m quite sure I’ve missed something, but not sure what it is. :wink: Any help you could give me would be much appreciated! Thanks!

Hi @Viviansk. In order to change your username you actually have to edit your profile on the main website at The forums read this information from that site so it can’t actually be changed in your forum profile. Hope that helps.

I am having the same problem-- I have changed my username in the main TouringPlans site but still have the old one on Forum. What now?

How long ago did you do it? I think (though I wouldn’t swear to it) I read it can take a few hours to change on the forum.

it was several days ago, and no change… but I did recheck this afternoon and it said it updated. so if you are right, then maybe it will update in a few hours after all. maybe i was a glitch.

If it doesn’t, try emailing - they will check it out for you.

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