How to best plan a split stay - on and off property?

My family has access to a great house, off-property, that we would like to use for our next WDW trip. However, we also plan to stay on-site for a few nights because we enjoy the Bubble and, of course, the perks.

So how best to plan it so that we can make the most of whatever perks will be available to us? If we plan to stay 4 nights and the house and 3 nights on-site, and get 7-day park tickets, is it more advantageous to do the on-site portion first or last?

Also, if some of us stay on property, but others don’t, can we still be linked together and have the on-site people book FPs for the off-site people?

Thanks for any guidance you can offer!

I don’t know about FPP. So I can’t help you there.

I did switch hotels on a Disneyland/SC holiday once. It basically took a day out of my holiday to move. So that is something to keep in mind.

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As far as FPs go, yes you can do this.

You need to be linked as friends and family. When booking at the 60 day mark, at least one onsite guest must be in any group including offsite friends. So if the offsite group,all want to ride Splash, at least one of the onsite group need to be in the FP party for Splash.

Usual limits apply, in that you can only book for the number of days you have tickets for etc.

I strongly advise you stay clear of packages, and buy tickets separately. Especially if you do the offsite part first.

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Even though an onsite hotel won’t let you check in your room first thing in the morning they will certainly accept your bags and let you sign in etc and then tell you your room will be ready later

So I would suggest staying off site first but then getting up very early and across to your onsite hotel very early

It would be particularly good idea to do that if staying at a universal deluxe as you could benefit from express pass all day on arrival as well as all day on departure etc

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In addition to being able to make fast passes for everyone, staying onsite extends a 60 day window. If you stay off site first then at day 60 of your on-site stay ( as long as you buy tickets outside a package) the days before will open for FPS. If you stay off site after, those days open one day at a time at day 60.

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Thank you all for the information!