How to Avoid Tour Groups at a Value

I’m going to Orlando in February for a couple of days and I know this is a time of year that tour groups descend. I’m not worried about them in the parks, but I am planning on booking a value resort and I’m a bit worried about being stuck next to them in a room. This happened to me last July and it was miserable for me and my family - they kept us up until 3 am.

My question is: If I book a preferred room at a value like Pop, am I likely to not be in the same section as a tour group?

Maybe? Preferred rooms cost more, so it may deter some of the budget tour organizers. Or not. I won’t stay at AS for this very reason. I’ve never had an issue at POP.

I think your best option is to stay somewhere other than the All Stars. Pop or AOA would be better, but the best choice would be to spend a bit more money and stay at a moderate resort. You don’t want a repeat of your last trip.

Good points. So they’re less likely to be at a moderate, then?

Correct. They usually stay at the Values. Plus the moderates are more spread out and generally very quiet, walls are thicker with better soundproofing.

In May, there were tons of cheer groups and school groups at POR. We were lucky in that we had a very responsible school group in our building, so there wasn’t any issues. We only knew they were there because my DH struck up a conversation with one of the adult chaperones. Cheerleaders, however, were everywhere. There was no issue in our area for cheering, but you would not have been able to avoid their presence.