How to assign 1 TP to 1 Trip?

I love the dashboard feature, organizing my trip details in one place.

Right now we are trying to evaluate different plans for our 3 days at the DL and DCA parks. We are evaluating several different schedules. I have 2 trips created, and both have all of my test TP. Can I assign just 1 or 2 plans to just 1 trip? All of our trips and TP are for the same 3 days.

If this is not currently possible, I would like to request it along will all of the other great new features you are making.


I think that the trips and TP are linked according to dates, so every TP listed on the same dates as your trip will show up linked as such on the dashboard. I don’t know for sure though. I’ll tag @len on this. The Grand Poobah of Lines knows all. :wink:

Yes, that should happen. Any date that has a touring plan will display that touring plan.

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Thanks. I’m just deleting additional TP as I go then. Makes it harder to compare one plan to another, but can make it work.