How to ADR

OK so never done this ADR thang online.
I have my parks and accommodations all set up (including a leading reservation).

I’m presuming that when I’m 60 days before my leading reservation, and well before 0545 EST, I log into MDE and pull up the screen for the first restaurant that I’d like to book.
At 0544:59 I hit Check Availability
This should allow me to set the date, time and party size then Search Times?
Select what I like.
Then… use search to pull up screen for the next restaurant I want and repeat the above?

Did I get that right?
Is there a better / faster way?
Am I missing steps or a hack?

If my leading reservation is for April 10 and actual stay is April 20, and 60 days from April 10 is February 9, on the morning of Feb 9, can I book for my entire stay or only for April 20?

You can only book out 10 days from 60 days on the 60th day. On day 59 you can book 1 more day (technically 60+11).

The other way to speed it up is have multiple tabs open for each restaurant you want to book and then just switch tabs to book, book, book without searching.

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Thanks, so I’m booking one day’s ADRs each day.
And good idea the window open/restaurant.

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Yeah it’s nice to not have to stress each morning. One thing to note is sometimes it’s wonky about search results. So if you search dinner and nothing comes up try 7pm and move in 30 minute increments to see what else shows up.

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Of course, I was just trying to take a look now and I couldn’t even log-in to MDE.

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Ugh. That mighty fine Disney IT hard at work.


Are ADR that hard to get nowadays that we have to do this or can we just login at 9 am and get what we want 60 days out (for the most part)

I’d log in as early as possible for best selection.

Some restaurants are much harder to get than others.

Some restaurants release availability after the 60 day mark at times- like Biergarten.

Use TP’s reservation finder for any you don’t get.

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So right now, working from Disney’s website using Things To Do/Dining/Make Reservations, I can check the availability of ADRs up to 60 days away.
But only that far.

So on my ADR Day, that changes and opens up to 60+10 days if I’m logged in on MDE?

Yes, because it will recognize your hotel reservation (provided you’ve linked it!!!)

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Is WDW always this noncommittal about park hours?
As I close in on my ADR date, they haven’t even posted the park hours for May 2022


The lack of hours for April is incredibly frustrating. It is making it quite a challenge to plan.

It makes me wonder if a big update is coming.

But probably someone just “forgot to release” the hours not unlike so many ADRs these days. :roll_eyes:


yeah I bet it is… that 9 AM opening for AK??
Can’t be right.


I have had better luck searching for the actual restaurant that I want, going to the specific page, and then doing “check availability” from there. Then you don’t have to scroll past everything else and you can modify your search more easily. Rinse and repeat for other restaurants. And don’t forget certain places in DS are available more than 60 days out on open table.

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So I’m getting online and logged in before 0535-0545 to search for ADRs and it doesn’t seem to be working.
At least not working until about 6 AM.

Is that when ADRs are supposed to open up?
(I thought I read 0545 somewhere…)

ETA: OK it seems that I can pick up ADRs for the new day as soon as 6 AM drops. And not a minute before.

If it helps reassure you, I just completed all my ADRs this morning when my 60 window opened. You are correct about the 6:00 AM start time, nothing sooner. In my case I finished making reservations at the six restaurants we wanted by 6:15 AM, without employing any “leading reservation” tactics. My “sleeping beauty” will be pleased when she wakes up at noon today. :innocent:


Is anyone else finding Storybook Dining on the reservation finder? I don’t seem to see it. Do we need to see if it can be added? Am I just blind?

It’s listed as Artist Point.

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Yes, thank you for the reassurances!
And great to hear you were so successful!