How to add PPO ADR to touring plan

We have a PPO ADR for BOG but I can’t figure out how to add it to my touring plan. It’s throwing off our touring plan because it makes most sense to start at 7 Dwarfs Mine Train immediately after BOG since we will be there before the rope drop people.

Can I add it? I tried adding a fake FP+ for 7DMT but it still wants us to do 3 things between breakfast and riding 7DMT which makes no sense if we have breakfast right next door at BOG.


I would just have your plan start time as 9:30.

Or, have your TP start at 9am, and leave 7d off of it since you will be done with it by 9am (unless you’d like to do it again)
Don’t worry too much about this one. It’s a nice “problem” to have. Hopefully you’ll be able to get a few rides in before any real crowds start. You can just start your tp AFTER you squeeze in what you can after 7dmt. If you wanna stick to your plan, just follow it step by step, after you do 7dmt, and mark what’s done on the app. The tp software allows you to do all of this on the fly in only a few seconds. I’d just create your plan as if you are not going to do 7d, since you’re going to walk on a ride or two before and probably at rope drop. I don’t know what you have planned after 7d, but you’ll probably not need a fp for that either. Just walk on, or have a very small wait.

You can also place your attractions in the order you’d like and Evaluate instead of Optimize. You can then optimize once the crowds start on the fly. Shouldn’t be a big deal at all.
Enjoy your pre-park - mad dash fun! We were able to walk on 7d, space mt x 2, Barnstormer (I know, I know,) And then the Speedway once before we started our TP once we got out of BOG.

I said 9:30 since I am much more conservative in my time but @seebee has the same idea and I- start your plan at a time you think 7DMT and breakfast will be over. The plan tells you how to save the most time overall. I am not a fan of 7DMT so when I did a pre RD BOG I followed it with PP, WtP and Space x2 by 9:40. Enjoy!

You could always have the TP do the opening show, then put in a meal or break til you think you would go to 7DMT, then do go from there. Just make the starting for the park opening for that day.