How to add a custom tour plan for BOTH UStudios & IOA in same day?

I cannot seem to figure it out? Also I am taking my 7yr old son just the two of us next week… Hoping the week is a quieter one… but is Hagrids still a 2-3hr wait nowadays? Is there a child waiting area directly at the ride? Thanks

You have to create two separate plans.

If you are creating, say, a Universal TP for the morning, and then heading to IOA in the afternoon, create a Universal plan that starts at park opening and plan out what you want to do, then end with taking the train to IOA (assuming that’s the plan). After you evaluate the time it takes, create a separate IOA plan, but set the starting time of the plan at the same time when you’ll finish up at Universal. You can set that you are arriving by the train if you want.

Here is the plan for our Harry Potter day, where we start at one park, head to the other, and then head back. As you can see, it is really two separate plans, but I have a break in the middle of one that is the same amount of time it takes for us to do the other park:

Starting/ending in IOA:

Part of the day in Universal:


Great! Thank you very much for that

Re: Hagrid’s, yes, daytime waits still around 1.5 - 2 hours and yes, child waiting area toward end of line.

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