How stressed are you?

We all know that planing a Walt Disney Vacation can be stressful. I stressed my self out so bad I wound up in the hospital with a kidney stone. Sorry ladies I know that child birth hurts and they say that kidney stones are just as painful but I’ve had about 24 in 16 years. Let me tell you that no one wants to know what happens if you don’t pass them on your own. I had 8 removed 5 years ago out of both kidneys. Just so you don’t think I’m a jerk, I told my wife if this is what it feels like to give birth we’re not having anymore kids. We have 1 kid DD17 and 24 DKS(Disney Kidney Stones) Like all things in life THIS TO SHALL PASS.

Oh no! I hope you feel better soon! Maybe next time go to UOR with express pass and stay kidney stone free!

Did that a few years ago, right after they opened Harry Potter. I was very very very disappointed. I’m pooh sized and have mobility problems. The walk from the parking garage through City Walk to get a ECV was more them I cared for, plus I did not fit on most of the ride. :frowning:

That does not sound fun or relaxing😞 I’m sure all of your planning will pay off in Disney and be much appreciated. So wishing you a magical vacation!

I am a chocoholic. If I got kidney stones and was told chocolate was the cause, I would probably not eat it again.

Really? But I LOVE chocolate. Although, my understanding is that chocolate and other foods with similarly high concentrations of oxalate would only really be a problem if you also have a diet high in sodium.

I’m more concerned about stones caused by dehydration. This is why runners, for example, are more prone to them since they tend to get overly dehydrated often. So, I try to keep myself hydrated as much as possible.

Unfortunately, there are several types of kidney stones, each with different causes. My wife had gall stones (eventually had her gall bladder removed as a result). She can attest that the pain was far worse than child birth. So can I, having seen her in pain for both. But as a result, I can’t imagine it myself. I’m rather a wimp when it comes to pain (as most men are, methinks).

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I got heareturn during my chemo treatment when I drank soda. I was 58 and never had heartburn. I stopped drinking soda. Heartburn went away. I can now drink it again. Pain vs. Momentary pleasure.

Kidney stones hurt massively. I’ve had them and I’ve birthed two kids. Similar intensity.

But they aren’t caused by stress :wink:

Feel better!

PS Don’t stress so much - it’s a VACATION!