How should I use my AP?

After returning from our December 2019 WDW trip, I’ve been dreaming about getting an AP for WDW, spending 6 weeks in a row in Orlando, exploring every nook and cranny, and getting my fill of all things WDW. Remote everything would make the 6 weeks in a row very doable early in the pandemic. But, the pandemic also halted the sale of AP for years! Although I’m still nearly 100% remote, life has returned to almost normal, making it a bit challenging to be in FL for 6 weeks in a row.

Last month, I woke up in the wee hours of morning to get into the virtual queue for an AP. Now, it’s sitting in my account, waiting to be activated.

As I plan on my trips, I’m hoping y’all would give me suggestions on more things to see/do/experience at WDW.

Tentative Plans

  • I love :heart_eyes: :christmas_tree: the Christmas season at WDW! I’m hoping to use my AP to span 2 Christmas seasons. I love the holiday decorations at the deluxe resorts and at Fort Wilderness, the Christmas Tree Trail at DS, Candlelight Processional, Festival of the Holidays, and the special holiday foods. I’ve done MVMCP twice.

What other holiday activities should I do?

Fitting it all in will be challenging! I will be going to France and DLP for 16 days beginning in early November 2023, and DD is planning a trip to Japan and Tokyo Disney for us, tentatively leaving the Friday after Thanksgiving 2024 for probably 2 weeks.

  • FARTS. DH and I went in February and loved it! Even though we had two Epcot days, it still wasn’t enough time to do everything at FARTS!

Anything else to do/see this time of year?

  • Flower & Garden :hibiscus: :sunflower: :wilted_flower: :blossom:. I haven’t done this one and this one is tentatively planned for starting the Sunday after Easter 2024 with DH.

*What are things to do at this Festival? Anything else to do/see this time of year? *

In an ideal world, I would stay 6 weeks at WDW, bridging both FARTS and Flower & Garden. But we have an extended family trip to DLR to celebrate the Year of the Tiger beginning on February 14th. DS and his aunt (DSIL) are both born the Year of the Tiger, one golden dragon and one wooden dragon. So the celebration at DLR has thrown the bridging of the two festivals out the window!

  • Food and Wine. I’ve never done this one because of the weather. With an AP, I can be talked into it. :grin:

*What is a good time to go? What are things to do at this Festival? Anything else to see/do this time of year? *

What other times of year, events, and activities should I consider?


Thinking one golden tiger and one wooden tiger?

With an AP, perhaps just go with the flow? Less planning being more? Unless of course reservations are needed. :thinking:

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Flower and Garden festival is beautiful. The topiaries are amazing. They also have the Garden Rocks concerts. DD20 and I just saw ELO. We watched all three sets as they played different songs each set. We were there May 13-16 and crowds were super low.

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DS is the golden dragon

I wasn’t thinking of planning that much unless I have a travel companion. But I want to know the possibility of things I could do.

Flying across the country takes some planning, and I need to plan around required in office days.

Any chance you could return to WDW soon?

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I’m very much looking forward to Flower and Garden but not so much the humidity! :hot_face:

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Depends on a definition of soon! :smile:

Probably not in the next 6 months. Unless I win the lottery. And since I don’t play, it’s unlikely I’ll win. :wink::blush:

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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It was hot last week, low 90’s-upper 80’s, but not humid.

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For some of us, if the overnight temp isn’t at least as low as 50 - and preferably lower - it sure feels humid with temps in the 80s. :hot_face: