How should 12 year old sit out Tower of Terror while rest of family rides?

Hi all, our family rode ToT three years ago. The then-6 year old twins, now 9, are looking forward to it again. The then-9 year old, now 12, is too scared to reride.

What would be the best way for the non-rider to stay in line w/the rest of us as long as possible , but then sit out the ride and meet us when we come out?

And if use G+ for this and other rides that day, there’s no problem including the 12 yr old in the ToT reservation, even if she doesn’t actually ride?

There is a “Chicken exit” on ToT. Your 12-year-old can wait in line, and they just prior to boarding the ride, exit via the Chicken exit and wait for your as you ride. This is presuming you are comfortable leaving them alone for the duration of the ride. They will be able to wait in or near the ToT gift shop. (There is the bank of screens where your ride photos pop-up…maybe have your child wait near there.)

The exit is actually just a normal elevator. They will take you to the first floor. You just need to tell the ride attendant as you approach the actual ride elevators that your child will not be riding.

If you aren’t comfortable with that, you can always either do rider swap, or have your 12 year old just wait in the gift shop from the start (again, if you are comfortable with that) since you are planning to use the LL.


Ryan hit the chicken exit highlights which sounds like what you really want. The area just outside the gift shop is somewhat quiet and offers a place to sit and enjoy some ice cream or a drink as well. So if you’re comfortable with your 12 year old being alone, that’s not a bad place to chill and wait…


See I keep getting confused about rider swap. I have suggested this before but then been told that rider swap is only for those who canNOT ride (ie height restriction) not for those who opt out.


It may have changed…but a few years ago, we used it simply because we had a child who didn’t WANT to ride, and they were fine with that.

My understanding is that it is for those who can’t ride due to height.

I think some CMs are nice about it, but I wouldn’t assume that you can just use it for a 12 year old that is able to ride.

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Actually, if using G+/LL to ride this ride, there is no need to invoke Rider Swap directly anyhow. Just split up the family to go in two groups. Because Rider Swap would use the LL anyhow, there is no real advantage.

If NOT using LL, that’s where Rider Swap might work. But, honestly, I’d think in that case using the chicken exit would be preferable.

My son waited in the exit area on a bench right before the gift shop where your photos are viewable after riding.


This is what we did.

To me, I think of Rider Switch as a way to have someone stay with a non-rider who can’t/shouldn’t be left alone (young children, older folk with dementia, etc.) Per Disney’s site, it’s for those who can’t or don’t want to do an attraction. You can always take a screen shot of their policy to convince the CM.

I agree with the others, using the chicken exit works well at ToT. That quiet, cool hallway with benches is a great place to wait - DH uses it when waiting for me!


The website does state “a Guest does not wish to board a particular attraction”. I’ve used it with my tall son on both splash mountain (he had a panic attack just as we were getting on, and they let my husband and son pass through the ride and switch out with my daughter when we got back) and SDD. (In that case he decided 1/2 through the line that he was opting out - my husband, son, and I went to get the rider switch while my daughter stayed in line.)


I have never done ToT, so someone else with more experience will need to chime but in, if you use G+ and there is a second tapstile, you’ll want to make sure that you hit the second tapstile with their magic band or however you are using tickets in order to make your next reservation all together.


By the exit, near outside of the shop, near the coffee wagon, he/she should find an easy place to sit.

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I tried to do a RS on a ride a child didn’t want to ride but was tall enough and they told me just to take her in the line with me and run the swap at the ride. This of course didn’t work for me because I actually wanted the RS.

My guess is that it depends on the ride and how willing/unwilling the CMs might be to grant additional LL rides. :woman_shrugging:

My ds (now 16yo) has never wanted any part of anything that resembles a thrill ride (coasters included). For years dd (now 20yo) reaped the benefits of Rider Swap, getting to ride w/ mom and dad. As ds got older and was tall enough to ride the things he wanted no part of, I was concerned that we would have to stop using Rider Swap, but read the above mentioned wording on the WDW page and was confident we could still do so. I don’t remember any push back, but the last few trips was just me and the kids so we didn’t need to swap.

Here is the thing, swapping takes TIME. To be honest I would rather not spend it if I didn’t have to. When the kids were younger and dd thought it was awesome to ride multiple times (and we could distract ds by riding the MK train again and again and again while the other half of the family rode Splash and BTMRR), swapping was good, since he has been around 9 or 10yo we just wait in the line as a group, have ds use the chicken exit, and then wait for us near the exit.

I will recommend visiting the attraction exit before getting in the line to agree exactly where your 12yo should wait, and make sure they have something to do (ex. phone w/ games). I would also have a conversation about strangers, not leaving w/ anyone, etc.


We has a 7 yr old with us one year, they took her thru the chicken exit and we met her on the other side…no issue.