How set up plan when family splitting up for one attraction?

Hi all! On our HS day DH would like to ride RnR but DD8 and I won’t. And DD8 and I would like to ride Alien Saucers but DH wouldn’t (he can’t do spinning/twirling rides.) So I was thinking we could each go ride our ride at the same time. Conveniently our TP had RnR listed first, then Slinky. Well when I made a separate plan to time to time out Saucers then Slinky I realized DH will get to Slinky before we do. So the timing on the whole plan will be off.

I took Saucers off of the plan but then it moved everything around so RnR was no longer at the top. And of course when the plan had Saucers but no RnR it didn’t put Saucers at the top. It was easier to conceptualize this when it was happening first thing. Now I’m not sure how to make this work.

How do you handle it when your party wants to split up for a bit, but otherwise wants to stay on the same itinerary?

I had the same trouble with ours, since DD will be riding most rides. What I ended up doing is posting the ones with longer waits and putting in the notes what each person was doing.

For example, we will RD AK. I posted FOP and in the notes I put that DD swill ride while DH and I will ride NRJ.


This is what I’m doing a well. I plan to send DH to Launch Bay while DS2 and I go to Beauty & the Beast Live, so I added it to the notes.


Thanks for the replies! I think I wasn’t explaining very well where I was struggling. My problem is that at some times of the day Saucers has a longer wait than RnR, and at other times RnRs wait is longer. If it was something like FOP and Navi I would know that FOP would always take longer and the Navi group would always have plenty of time to get their thing done before the FOP group was done. So, as you said, just put FOP in the plan with a note that the other group is going to Navi and everything looks great.

But, I think I’ve figured it out. What I’m doing is making a copy the plan (which has RnR but not Saucers) and on the 2nd plan I’ll delete RnR, add Saucers, and move Saucers up to the same slot that RnR was in. Then click Evaluate. That tells me what the differences are in the wait/walk times are between the 2 attractions and how it impacts the rest of the day. Doing that seems to be working well!
Thanks again!

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Oh that makes sense. If you need something for the faster group to do, you could have them grab a snack for everyone to share. I was planning to make DH do that too.

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