How scary is HHN?

Hi! We are thinking of booking a trip in Oct to use our AP one more time. Thinking about HHN. We have 4 kids. The older 2 will be fine with scary stuff. I’m worried about the younger 2. Is it scary just walking around? For example, I take the older 2 into one of the houses and my husband takes the younger 2 to walk around and get a treat. They are fine with typical Halloween scary. I’m sure the haunted houses would be a bad idea. Thanks!!

Maybe have a look at a Tim Tracker or other blogger park walk through and decide for yourself.
What one person’s child would be fine seeing would scare the living daylights out of another one (even amongst siblings!).


Great idea!!

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I have heard it’s pretty terrifying. I’ve never been but I listen to a bunch of podcasts.

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I am a HHN fan. Usually there are “scare zone”. For example, zombies with chainsaws that come within inches of you. If you respond, you attract attention.

That being said, I don’t think anyone expects that can happen this year. Announcements, ticket sales, general information has not been available this year. It might look completely different.


Good point.

Aren’t these the dates? Or is this just tentative?

I would love it if HHN got cancelled and park hours weren’t shortened like usual. Then maybe we could move our trip to October if September doesn’t work out.


Those are the date.

Announcements: Houses- themes of each house

Ticket sales: I posted on the Uni chat - but one night get one free was first offered to expire May 31st. It was extended to June 14th. Yesterday I noticed it is now July 24th. Usually, they offer a number of different tickets, one offer at a time.

General Info: what will be different , what will be the same.

I booked my DVC room last October with one goal: HHN XXX.

I am not going but my son and his girlfriend are still watching.

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Years ago, it was signifincantlly scarier, they have seemed to tone it down a bit the last few years.
With that said, they are very playfull with small children.
If your kids want to avoid the “scare zones” i think you can. But it can be very scary…

One thing that really struck me when I went is that it’s really dark and sometimes hard to see, especially if it’s also foggy/smoky. That can be scary by itself.

That being said it’s a great time to visit DA.

Define what scary is for y’all.

Example: some local haunts are significantly more scary than anything HHN offers. If your limit on scary is Nightmare Before Christmas then this will be way more intense.

HHN is more theatrical than scary, with a big focus on set design and costuming. As a big scaredy cat I love the event.


She has a decent scare tolerance. We are huge Halloween people. Our house is decorated very scary with creepy animatronics and fog machines. She loved Stranger Things. Scary decor and characters walking around would be fine. I’m thinking jump-scare stuff like you see in a haunted house would not work. I wouldn’t take her in one. I’m just hoping that walking around would be okay.

There’s a bit of jump scares in the streets but it’s not as bad as in the houses.

My suggestion might be to not do HHN but to instead do one of the behind the scenes tours they offer where you do a lights on tour of the house without scare actors. You learn about the production of the event, see the sets, etc.

Those tickets usually go on sale in June.

This is absolutely true. I, personally, am a huge fan of haunted houses, and was disappointed with how un-scary I felt it was. But the theatrics were amazing.