How quickly do Remy boarding groups go

I feel like I saw somewhere that the 7am drop goes super fast like it was for ROTR, but I thought I saw someone say that the 1pm drop has been staying open a while. Is there a place where this data lives that I could see it? Just trying to gauge how much to worry if we don’t get a 7am boarding group. If it stays open for a while at 1pm then I don’t really care to even try at 7am.

Also do we have any indication if it is open after 2pm, can you get a boarding group while hopping?


It was reported in an article that the boarding groups were gone in 5 seconds at 7am.

I can’t find any tracking data with how long the 1:00 VQ is open on a given day. The best thing to do is go on MDE the days leading up to your park day and see if the VQ is open at 1:05, 1:30, etc. This will help you make a decision.

If it is still open after 2, yes you can hop to EP and snag a VQ.



We are two weeks into Remy BG. The 7am does go quickly. But weekdays, the 1pm can be open a while. We stopped in after work on Tuesday, 6pm. We still were able to get a BG. It was a back up group, but it was called before the park closed.

Weekends, both 7am and 1pm go quickly.
This last Saturday, we entered in at 1pm and got a BG, 355 minute estimated wait, or 7pm time. At 8pm our group was called, and had a 30 minute queue.

Remy is not the top tier ride that Rise is, so a few months in, it should settle down.


Awesome! Thanks for the update.