How percise to make room requests on fax?

Hello all. New to Touring Plans, love the site and the app!! We are going to be staying at the POR Feb 1-Feb11 (Originally was POFQ but with the stay, play & dine deal we had to switch). I was a single mother for 14 years and my son and I went when he was 9, just the two of us. Took 4 years to save for that trip. I just got married 2 years ago so this will be our first family vacation with the three of us!!! So excited!

I Have never faxed a room request and so I was wondering how exact you can/should be? We have booked a “River view” and would love to get one in building 27. (I have a bone spur under my Achilles tendon on my heel so I’m already pushing it by going to WDW anyway, hoping a little closer to the main lobby). We have one room we would just love, but didn’t know if it was foolish to ask for an exact room or if its better to ask for several?

Thanks for any help, things have changed so much since we were there 7 years ago.

Are you referring to the touring plans automatic fax option? It's alive! New automatic fax for Disney room requests

If so, you would want to be as specific as possible, and yes, include that one room you love (and several other options) using the room view option:

This is a great option and takes all the worry out of it for you.
If you have time to read all 600 entries (LOL) you will see it is pretty successful! Not 100% and nothing is guaranteed but they handle it all for you! :+1:

Touring plans will send a room request fax automatically 5 days before your trip ( right in time for the room assigners to get your fax).

The short version of the steps: go to the touring plans website and set up a trip on your dashboard.

Select your resort

Click on the resort and go to the room finder tool

When you find your room, pick it (select this room)

Go back to your dashboard and edit the fax with your reservation information and anything else you want to add

Have a great trip!

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Thank you to both of you. I had already found the fax option on the dashboard and was picking the the room but didn’t know if I should pick a specific or not. But now I know!! My DS sat down and looked at the room views with me and ended up picking out the same exact room I did. Lol great minds!

Thanks again!

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We had recent experiences talking to CMs about room requests. They try hard to accommodate when possible, but can be very tricky when requests are extremely restrictive. Also, when requests aren’t too restrictive, they have more leeway to give magical upgrades (like we got recently at YC).
Sounds like asking for a particular building or view is more helpful than “SW facing room on 2nd floor” since not all room maps have compass directions on them.
Helpful text for your request would be:
“Bone spur on achilles, painful walking. Prefer building 27, as close to lobby as possible please! (Eg Room #XXXX)”

Thanks for the heads up. I keep editing my fax text, wanting to keep it simple because I know they have a lot to read through but also keep it open like you suggested. I guess it’s a good thing we aren’t going till February the way I keep second guessing myself.

I’m finalizing my fax request - where it says special requests - what do I put there?

For me, I write a note telling them that a balcony is the most important thing. My upcoming trip I am noting I am traveling with two first time visitors.

That’s exactly what I did for my most recent request, also that I would gladly accept a complimentary upgrade :wink:

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If you hit “bookmark” on the thread then you can sort all threads by the ones you bookmark. It makes the forum much easier to find info you want to save!

Gotcha. Thanks

We use the room view thingie to choose a room, and then add a note giving a little more info on why we’re requesting that room. We’ve done this three times - once we got the exact room, once we got the room next door, and once we were upgraded from garden to lagoon view (we’d picked a room where you could get a glimpse of crescent lake and mentioned how much we love to watch the boats on the water.

Good luck!

Has this been successful? Should I also follow up with my own fax to the resort or just rely on TP fax?

Also, is it better to add that you want an upper level, if you’ve already selected a room or will you at least get a room on the floor/bldg you’ve requested?

How did it end up working out?

For me it was very successful. We ended up with the exact room I had requested. Top floor outside corner room so we had two windows.

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