How Often Does Crowd Tracker Update and Irma


We are flying in on the 16th for two weeks. On another board someone said that crowds would be at summer peak levels because of people moving their vacations to avoid Irma.

The crowd tracker hasn’t changed so I’m wondering how accurate it is and how much it updates with crowd changes.

If you look on line to book a Disney World hotel during those weeks it shows there are almost no rooms available. I wonder if they have blocked them or it’s really at capacity.

Any thoughts?

Thank you!


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Which board suggested that the crowds would be summer peak levels? We are scheduled to go on 9/20-25 and I’m tempted to reschedule…

@marlo7245 I read it on . I then asked a similar question there and several people felt it was very crowded after the last hurricane closure because lots of people bump to the next week.

I would love to hear an answer or blog post for TourPlans on this. I would much prefer to know what the statistical data says. In the past has it been more crowded after closures? Last year when it closed it was right before Columbus weekend which would have been a peak time anyway. I looked at the historical crowd level data for Matthew, but unfortunately they only say what they observed not what they had predicted after Matthew.

I was told the opposite from someone that worked at Disney last year during Matthew as more people cancelled to be on the safe side. I would love to see what the data says too as we are arriving on the 15th.

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Lots of people can’t just decide to take a vacay next week because they didn’t go this this week, so I certainly wouldn’t expect peak summer crowds… there may be a small uptick, but I think the people who would have been there for these 3 days (and we’re talking about relatively low number, based on predicted CLs) who actually canceled (remember too that a lot of folks would have already been at WDW when it was determined that the storm was going to hit) will be spread out over a longer period.

FWIW, none of the 4 people I know who cancelled trips due to Irma are rescheduling for anytime right away.

It looks like TP is going to update their crowd levels soon.

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I agree with this theory. Plus, all these people rescheduling are going to lose their ADRs and FPP, I would think the soonest they’d reschedule for is November.

Don’t forget to account for any of the Floridians who have bigger fish to fry (like restoring their home etc) that will not be heading to WDW.

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For braving the storm, I’m expecting to be rewarded with minimum crowds, through Thursday. I even expect the weekend to be less than normal.

While I could of rescheduled for next week my gf couldn’t. We have extended it another day to help compensate for the loss of park time.

I think that is all true in theory- most people not being able to reschedule- but I don’t see a room available from 9/20-9/25! I’m betting it will be crowded! Thank goodness for Touring Plans to make even the biggest crowd levels work!

Room availability doesn’t really correlate with CL very well. When you get to within 10-14 days it’s often very hard to find a room for more than one or two consecutive nights no matter what. Add in the earlier start to F&W taking up more rooms on weekends and I’d say trust CL over room availability for sure.

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