How necessary is Fantasmic dining package in September?


Today is our ADR day. Our TA got all of the restaurants we wanted, and most of the times. One of the dinners that is not at a time we wanted was our H&V dinner reservation. We were wanting 6pm with the Fantasmic seating package and the latest it is offered is 4:30pm. I really am not interested in eating that early. My question is…in September (9/17, to be exact), how necessary is it to have the Fantasmic dining package? Would we be ok just booking a regular dinner there and getting seating on our own? I know when we went in September 2013 we didn’t do the Fantasmic dining package and were able to get seats…

Any advice is much appreciated.


I was there last September, and used a FastPass for Fantasmic. The advantage to the dinner package is the location of the seats. All of the seats in the center of the venue are reserved for Fantasmic dinner packages. The ones off to either side are for FastPass and standby. So you won’t need a dinner package to get a seat for the show, but you will if you want to sit in the middle.

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Ok, good to know. My TA thought that the dinner package seating was off to the sides, so I was thinking I didn’t really care too much if we had it or not.

We did the F! dinner package on our last trip, so I can confirm that the seating for this is definitely in the center.

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The seating is in the center, however, in case you haven’t seen it before there really is no bad seating. They display the same video images to face each side of the arena. We went the first week in December in 2014 which is another slow time and most of the furthest side areas were empty so we wouldn’t have had to have the seating package. I don’t think we’d pay the extra even in busier times. Just be a little early when they start letting people go in. If there are two shows on that day go to the later one and it will be even emptier.

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