How much wait time will "Let the Magic Begin" cost us

First time Disney goers here. Our plan is to RD SDMT, have watched Len and David’s MK RD video.

My question after watching the video is, if our little ones want to watch the “Let the Magic Begin” welcome show, and then we move towards SDMT, how much longer should we plan to stand in line compared to trying to be the first ones at the rope? (CL 2 on the calendar, if that impacts your response)

Thanks in advance?

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Welcome! Ask anything & as often as needed! :smiley:

IME - If you want to RD 7DMT without a 30 minute wait you have to skip the LtMB welcome show.

FYI - CLs don’t refer to the number of ppl in the park, but to the average queue waits from 11am - 5pm. (Touring Plans is all about queue waits)

So RD is not factored into a CL. A majority of ppl at RD are either rushing to 7DMT or Space Mt. So, you really need to be at the front of the RD pack to get to either of those with a 15 minute or less wait.

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We watched let the magic begin and then headed over to space mountain. I think the crowd level was 6. Hardly waited at all. Might have been 10 minutes total including a lot of walking. I’m sure 7DMT will be a lot longer. Did it again yesterday with Buzz Lightyear Ranger Spin and wait was about 5 minutes.


I think it kinda depends on where you’re standing when the show is happening. If you’re by the rope: your impact in wait should be almost non existent, cause you’d be there anyway and the rope doesn’t drop until after the show is over. If, however, you’re dead center in front of the castle, it might tack on an extra 20 minutes or so depending on how fast/ruthless you are getting through the crowd? :slightly_smiling_face: