How much updating do the touring plans need?

I am going in 58 days and I just finished my TPs, printed and annotated, it was a lot of work.

It just occurs to me now that I might need to reprint and re-annotate everything when we get closer to the trip. CLs and/or show times might change and screw up all my efforts, right ???


Any advice on how to approach this ? How often and how close to departure should I re-evaluate my TPs to make sure all is good ? Am I freaking out for no reason or is it normal that I am on the verge of having an anxiety attack ???

I would say one week before.


I like to go in and hit evaluate on all of my plans a few days before we go. There have never been more than a few minor changes in times. I would not optimize again because it may totally rearrange your plan. By evaluating I can check that nothing major has changed.


I consider TPs to be working drafts until about a week prior to the trip. Fortunately for my sanity, even when I get to the park I view them as a rough strategy and not an item by item schedule. My most stressful days at WDW were those that I tried to follow one precisely only to find out that they mostly fell apart by lunch time…


Very true. Plans are not schedules. Plans should be made to give you a rough idea of the waits and number of rides that you can fit into your day.

In all my visits the plans have always been wrong. Either I end up with a lot of free time in real life or I end up cutting attractions because there wasn’t enough time. This doesn’t mean they aren’t helpful. I still use them every time but roll with the punches if there are any changes like closures due to weather or family meltdowns.


I think this is important. Plans are a starting point. But when I go to Disney with my wife in 2020, I’m going there to spend time with my WIFE not with my Touring Plan! :smiley:

It is easy to allow the plan start to dictate things. Use it as a guide. But don’t be afraid to let it go and just BE.


Great advice guys, thanks !!! :slight_smile: