How much time?

Will I be able to Uber to Swan then to MK for a 2:45 lunch reservation? We arrive at 12:20!

There a whole lot of “it all depends” packed into that. Let’s try and budget the time and then you can decide about risk of blowing the budget. I’ll take “arrive at” to mean "at the gate, door open, and the cabin crew has “dinged” the passengers to begin debarking.

  1. 5 minutes to deplane
  2. 30 minutes to get baggage
  3. 40 minutes to get on an Uber and travel to Swan
  4. ??? minutes at Swan to check-in and drop baggage (never stayed there, so I don’t know the procedure)
  5. 15 minutes to get on an Uber and travel to the TTC (Uber pick up and drop off point for MK)
  6. 10 minutes to monorail to MK

So, that leaves about 45 minutes to deal with things at your resort, enter the park, and walk to your lunch. That time of day, entering the park should be quick, provided you don’t need to go to Guest Relations prior to that for anything (like AP activation). 15 minutes should be plenty of time to do security, enter the park, and walk to anywhere you’d have a lunch reservation. That leaves you 30 minutes for Swan.

When drawn out as such, I really feel like a madwoman for even considering this. Thank you for the slap in the face of perspective! 10 yo at adult dinner prices it is! grumble

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