How much time to get from airport to the Yacht club on the Disney bus?

I want to make dinner reservations at the Garden Grove and ride the boat there. Our flight lands at 5:30 pm. Also, how long to allow for check in.

SYour flight lands at 5:30, you are staying at Yacht Club and you want to eat at the Garden Grove at the Swan? If that is the plan I would say anything after 8:00 should be pretty safe. I think in this case the walk (about 5minutes?) from the Yacht Club to the Swan would be so much quicker than the boat.

Do NOT take the boat. WALK. If you start your walk and the boat is there - great take it - if not don’t wait as the “angst” in waiting will kill any relaxation you may have anticipated. After your dinner - take the boat (wherever it is going) and just enjoy the relaxation of it then.

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